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Televes DigiNova 3 in 1 TV Aerial UHF DAB FM DVB with Intelligent Signal Control

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Brand: Televes
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Brand: Televes
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Televes DigiNova 3 in 1 TV Aerial UHF DAB FM DVB with Intelligent Signal Control

The Diginova is a compact discreet amplified TV, FM Radio and Digital DAB Radio Aerial all combined into one. Its smart compact design enables it to be installed on any property and not only not look like an TV aerial but be three aerials combined into one!
It has an intergrated amplifier that will boost your signals, for the really poor reception areas.

DIGINOVA is a result of the experience acquired by Televes in manufacturing high quality aerials. It was preceded by the NOVA aerial and it is the first of a new generation. 

DIGINOVA TV aerial has successfully passed the most demanding environmental testing, climate (temperature, humidity and radiation) plus vibration resistance tests getting the most important universal certifications.

The DIGINOVA TV aerial is classified as a high gain TV aerial. The high performance is generated via a UHF Yagi type TV aerial with 10 elements and a BIII and FM aerial consisting of a printed dipole, both connected to an MRD amplifying UHF (13dB), while coupling together BIII and FM.

It incorporates a special UHF/BIII MRD Multiplexer. This means that If no additional amplification is needed, the TV aerial can operate in passive mode. Whilst working in passive mode the TV signal reception will not be influenced as the MRD will not attenuate signals.

The MRD couples the BIII+FM together. Additionally when the MRD becomes active it creates a UHF gain of 13dB, endowing it with great versatility.
The Televes MRD amplifying concept is supplied with an F connector made with injected zamak. It also complies with the requirements of the Low Voltage Directives 72/23/CEE and EMC 89/336/CCE, modified by directive 93/68/CEE and for evaluation the following standards have been applied: EN 50083-1: 1933/A1: 97 and EN 50083-2: 2001.

It incorporates a printed dipole, and the UHF aerial is incorporated within the casing in order to reduce the total size of the TV aerial, making it very easy to handle.

Ease of mounting for the installer.

A special alloy part carries out the double function of clamp and reflector. Its design notably improves and eases the clamping system. It also enables the installation of vertical and horizontal polarizations.

UHF TV Aerial.- The UHF TV aerial has a Yagi 10 element type structure, consisting of a alloy reflector, a dipole and 8 directors on a new-generation printed circuit board.

Protection.- The protection "dome" is manufactured from a high U/V ray resistance ABS plastic. It consists of a base and cover incorporated with each other and with the alloy clamp through 8 stainless self-adjusting screws that seal the set, protecting it from weather conditions with a protection coefficient of IP22. 

Versatility.- This TV aerial is compatible with multiple configurations, as it does not need an exclusive voltage source. Among many other possible configurations, it can be used with an active source, with an electric current injector, or from a headend (AVANT, single-channel,....).

Mounting ease.- The "easy to install" TV aerial consists of a single element that only needs to be connected to the cable via the F connector and clamped against the TV aerial mast with suitable polarization.

MRD.- The amplifier circuit is a mixed MRD already used in the DATMIX aerial. This circuit is characterized by allowing the passage of a UHF signal in absence of voltage, whilst amplifying the signal by 13dB when it is fed with 12-24V(dc). This MRD variant mixes the VHF and FM signals with that of UHF.

Due to its pleasingly modern appearance, the DIGINOVA TV aerial can be installed on any part of a building as a result of having a visually low-impact appearance thanks to its special design.

Fully Waterproof/Weather Proof!

Ideal for locations where you dont want an aerial to be seen - balconys boats rooftops etc etc..

-Signal FM DAB UHF 
-Antenna Gain dBi -2 -2 4 ~ 7 
-MRD Gain with External Powering dB - - 13 
-Output Level dBµV - - 102 
-Power Supply V - - 12 ~ 24 
-Max Current mA - - 42 
-Protection Index IP22 


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