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Radio Dial Cord - 2m Length x (0,3mm, 0,4mm, 0.6mm) Dia - NOS NOS Eddystone Marconi Philips Vintage Dacron Valve Transistor

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Price in points:8 points
In stock
Price in points:8 points
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Brand New & Unused
Price is for 2 Metres (2m = 200cm, approx 78.5 inch)
Sold in 2 Metre Continuous Lengths
Multiple Purchases will be delivered as an uncut length
Plain-White Woven Dacron
0.3mm Diameter
0.4mm Diameter
0.6mm Diameter
Suitable for all Radio Tuning Dial Applications, both Valve and Transistor
Excellent Grip & Low-Slip
Durable, High-Tensile Strength and Low-Stretch
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