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Tectron, the first active e-commerce in Italy, saw the registration of the domain tectron.it on June 27, 2000, preceding every other global marketplace. Our brand is recognized globally, and we are proud to have been often imitated but never equaled.

We have successfully delivered tens of thousands of products worldwide.

In recent years, we have offered a select group of retailers the opportunity to offer their items on our portal, always under our careful supervision.

We are proudly the sole owners of the Tectron e-commerce platform. There are no hidden fees that go to external investors, nor are there any hidden costs. Prices are transparent, just as they should be.

Tectron Electronics SRL is dedicated to achieving excellence in technical support and in the distribution of products and spare parts for consumer and professional electronics.

A Bit of History In 1992, M.C.Elettronica was born, a collaboration among qualified technicians in the field. From the start, the company stood out for its expertise and high level of quality in technical support for products from leading companies like Panasonic-Technics, JVC, and Sharp. The high number of successful interventions and our solid entrepreneurial capacity have made M.C.Elettronica a point of reference in the sector.

In 1997, Tectron Electronics joined forces with M.C. Elettronica, expanding the company's presence in the digital world. Today, on our website, you can find a wide range of products and services designed to enhance your experience with the most sophisticated electronic entertainment devices that are now part of everyday life. From the best software to the most advanced interfaces, everything is designed to transform a simple user into a director or an expert sound engineer, or simply to facilitate your approach to new technologies.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you can't find what you're looking for on our site! We will strive to meet your needs.



Tectron Electronics SRL was founded in August 1992 and is organised in the following fields of activity:
Import, export and distribution of electronics components and equipment.


Tectron Electronics SRL
via Carlo Granozio 9
84132 Salerno



+39 06 452 215 947


+39 089 330 591



As the leading distributor to the TV, video and audio trade in Italy and Europe, we supply over 2000 shops and service departments with:
Audio, Video and TV spares, Semiconductors, Test equipment, Service manuals, Remote controls, Service aids, Tools, Microwave spares, Computer accessories, Mobile phone spares, Electrical goods, etc.

At present we stock over 40,000 different lines.

We pride ourselves on next day delivery within Italy
if orders are placed by 1 p.m.,. We are available to our customers from
Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Tectron Electronics is located in Salerno..... is a fascinating example of what the Mediterranean has to offer all those who wish to have a closer knowledge of it. The town presents itself as a friendly comunity to visitors and tourists from all over the world.(more)

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