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  • Base

    Tectron Basic Plan: Free Forever

    Our Basic Plan is the perfect choice for sellers who are starting their e-commerce journey or for those with a smaller product assortment. This plan is designed to offer a solid selling platform without any fixed costs, allowing you to grow at your own pace.

    Features of the Basic Plan:

    • Zero Fixed Costs: The Basic Plan is completely free. No monthly or annual fees, just growth opportunities.

    • Limit of 1000 Products: You can list up to 1000 different products, giving you ample space to showcase a wide range of items.

    • Monthly Revenue Threshold: This plan supports sales up to €1300 per month, ideal for small businesses or individual sellers starting to explore the market.

    • Competitive Commission: We only apply a 2% commission on sales, one of the lowest in the industry, ensuring you maximize your profits.

    • Basic Analytics Tools: You'll have access to fundamental analytics tools that will help you track your sales and better understand your customers.

    • Technical Support: Even on a free plan, our support team is available to assist you with basic inquiries and help you navigate the platform.

    • Ease of Upgrade: When your business starts to grow and exceeds the limits of this plan, you can easily switch to one of our advanced plans to unlock more features and support.

    Why Choose Tectron's Basic Plan? Our Basic Plan is ideal for those who want to start selling online without financial risk. It's perfect for testing new market ideas, for small artisans, or for those who simply want to sell products occasionally. With Tectron, you have the freedom to grow at your own pace, supported by a reliable platform and a dedicated support team.


    1000 products

    Revenue up to 1.30000

    Transaction fee: 2%

    NO Store

  • Plus+

    Plus+ Plan Tectron: Your Ally for Dynamic Growth

    The Tectron Plus+ Plan is crafted for sellers who are poised to elevate their e-commerce journey. Balancing affordability with advanced features, this plan is the perfect solution for those aiming to expand their online business presence significantly.

    Features of the Plus+ Plan:

    • Limit of 10,000 Products: The Plus+ Plan allows you to list up to 10,000 products, providing ample scope to showcase a diverse and extensive range of items.

    • Unlimited Revenue Potential: Experience no cap on your earnings. The Plus+ Plan enables you to scale your sales as much as you desire, supporting your business growth without restrictions.

    • Affordable Monthly Cost of €9.90: At just €9.90 per month, the Plus+ Plan offers exceptional value, making it an ideal choice for growing sellers.

    • Competitive 5% Sales Commission: With a 5% commission on sales, you can take advantage of our extensive features while maintaining a healthy profit margin.

    • Complete E-commerce Solution: Access a fully equipped online store, ready to sell your products effectively and professionally.

    • Comprehensive Admin Panel: This plan includes an intuitive and complete admin panel, giving you total control over sales operations, from inventory management to in-depth data analysis.

    Why Choose the Tectron Plus+ Plan? The Plus+ Plan is perfect for sellers looking to sustainably and significantly expand their online presence. It offers an ideal balance of advanced functionality and cost-effectiveness, allowing your business to grow at a suitable pace. With the capacity to manage a large product catalog and the freedom to increase your sales without limits, the Plus+ Plan sets you on a successful path in the e-commerce world.

    990per Month

    10000 products

    Unlimited revenue

    Transaction fee: 5%

    Vendor Store

  • Best choice


    Tectron Premium Plan: The Optimal Choice for Maximizing Your Business

    Our Premium Plan is designed for sellers who want to fully leverage the potential of the Tectron marketplace. This plan is ideal for growing businesses and experienced sellers looking to significantly expand their reach and sales.

    Features of the Premium Plan:

    • Unlimited Product Listings: With the Premium Plan, you can list an unlimited number of products. This gives you the freedom to expand your catalog without restrictions, maximizing your sales opportunities.

    • No Revenue Limits: There are no limits to the revenue you can generate. This plan is perfect for sellers aiming for high sales volumes and consistent growth.

    • Fee of €49:  gives you access to all premium features. This initial investment is designed to help you start your journey to large-scale success.

    • Competitive 2% Sales Commission: We maintain a low 2% commission on sales, allowing you to maximize the profits from your efforts.

    • Real-Time Support: Enjoy priority support with our real-time customer service. Whether it's technical, marketing, or sales questions, our dedicated team is here to help you get the most out of your store.

    • Full-Featured Store with Advanced Capabilities: Receive a fully functional online store, equipped with all the features needed for effective and professional management. This includes advanced customization options to distinguish your brand and enhance your customers' experience.

    • Comprehensive Admin Panel: Manage your business with ease using an intuitive and complete admin panel. Monitor sales, manage inventory, analyze customer data, and much more, all from a single user-friendly interface.

    Why Choose Tectron's Premium Plan? The Premium Plan is the ideal choice for sellers who want to push their business beyond limits. With the freedom to expand your catalog, the flexibility to generate unlimited revenue, continuous support from our team, and advanced tools to manage your store, you are in an ideal position to optimize and grow your business. This plan is designed for those who are ready to make a quality leap and become leaders in the e-commerce market.

    4900per Month

    Unlimited products

    Unlimited revenue

    Transaction fee: 2%

    Vendor Store